General info


Maintaining your place is important to protect your investment.

Below are some tips for new comers to keep in mind.

Winterizing - Not all sites have winter water and for those that don't, winterizing is essential.  This is a proceedure where the hot water tank is drained as well as the water pipes within.  An air compressor (set at the right psi) is used to blow out any remaining water in the lines.  Now RV antifreeze is used.  Some fill the lines complete and others add to the drain traps as necessary.  It a matter of opinion as to which way is best.

Caulking and visual inspection - Take time out every year to walk around and inspect your trailer.  Water is not friendly to campers and can seep in through the smallest of gaps.  Caulking the seams, and or removing the old and re-caulking becomes necessary.  Be sure to look at all windows, roof lines, vent areas and access doors.

Roof repairs or replacement - Travel trailers need to be sealed every few years along with visual inspection of seams and gutter rails. Park models with shingle roof generally have a 20 year life span.  Cracking, curling shingles is a sign it may be time to replace the roof.  Just like in your own home, if left too long the cost increases with damaged unerlayment.  If your roof looks good and you're not experiencing water damage doesn't mean everything is okay.  Visual inspection of your vents should be done.  Adding tar to these areas every few years will help maintain exhaust fan, skylight and stack pipe areas from leaking water into your investment.

Improvements - As many can attest Woodhaven is always a work in progress.  If you're considering adding a deck, a roof or a room addition, consider one of our Local Contractors.  Many here have been building and repairing in the park for decades.  Letting someone who knows the in's and out's can make your investment more enjoyable.  If you choose to take it on yourself, be sure to pull a permit from the ESAC office, prior to starting work and/or ordering your supplies.  

Utility Extensions - You might find first coming to Woodhaven Lakes that your site does not have extended utilities, or where they're at is not where you need them.  Many property owners have trenched these utilites to a better location to suit their needs.  You may also want to consider adding electric to your shed, or adding outlets on the exterior deck.  Many have added water spickets to an area they plan on adding a planting bed.  To do this a permit from our ESAC department must be issued prior to work being performed. This type of permit is free.

The Woodhaven Association arranges yearly to review insurance of contractors. See their ads in the  Woodhaven Newspaper. 

A complete list of contractors can be obtained through the ESAC Department.

When in doubt pull a permit.  Go Ahead, It's Free*

ESAC Department at 815-849-5200 ext #3. 

*Only Class A permits require a fee to Lee County