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How do the nights of stay work?

Woodhaven is open to use 365 days a year.  You can come out every day, it's the nights of stay that are rescricted to 200 nights.  How you choose to spend these nights of stay are up to you.  Some come for several months at a time, others every weekend.  Each property is given four passes.  Regardless of how many passes are checked into the gate, it is considered just one night of stay. 

I need an extra pass, where can I get one?

An additional guest pass can be obtained at the gate.  This pass will be valid for 3 days and nights, for a cost of $20.00. Remember though there is no additional parking for guests other than your lot, be sure you have the means to fit all cars.  There is also a pass that can be created for recreational items; sleds, basketballs,tennis rackets, etc.  This type of pass does not allow use of the gate but rather to use within the park. Many choose this optional pass for See the receptionist at the Association office for more information.


The Association year Starts April 1st of each year.  Currently dues for the upcoming Season 2017/2018, will be $1.230 for sewer lots, and $1,105 for non sewer lots.  A very reasonable rate for so much.

  • Security 24/7/365, Every day, Every night.
  • Upkeep of roads, grounds, and Lakes
  • Refuse removal, every Comfort Station, leaf and brush from your site.
  • Memorial through Labor Day our Recreational Department does an amazing job entertaining everyone.
  • Two Pools, a beach, and Two Sport Courts and Work-Out room with state of the art equipment.
  • Water and sewer costs included. (sewer usage reflected in non sewer rate).
  • And much more!


Can I have friends and family tent camp on my property?

Campsites with no RV are allowed 3 tents with no permit.  Campsites with an RV are allowed 2 tents with no permit.  Permits can be obtained for an additional 2 tents above allowable, at no charge.  Set back restrictions due apply in placement.