Closing Costs


      Completing your purchase properly will save you Frustrations later..

Every purchase requires a contract stating what's included and what is not.  Extra care is taken from the beginning to bring a pleasurable closing to all involved.


A Title Search is performed using Sauk Valley Title Co.,a local company working in the Lee County area. This step in the process finds discrepancies, liens, and verifies who currently owns the property. Clearing Title let's Buyer's receives a policy insuring their new campsite free and clear.

An Attorney creates the County and State required forms of transfer and reviews Title work.  Required by law legal documents must be created by an attorney.  Whether you choose to use your own or one of our local attorneys, we will work with them and provided the necessary information to see a timely sale.

Personal Property.  Sellers will be transferring ownership of any included Travel Trailer or a Park Model, with a valid SOS issued Title.  Sellers who are having difficulty finding the title, should contact the SOS. Expedited services are available here, EXPEDITED SERVICES  Remaining items, i.e... sheds, decks, LP tanks, etc. will be accounted for with a Bill of Sale.

Joining the Woodhaven Lakes Association.   At Woodhaven By Owner, we take care of notifying WHL of your new ownership.  An application form will be completed, copies of the Covenants/Declarations, Bi-law's and Rules and Regulations, will be available to you at closing.  In addition, an ESAC review of the property will be performed prior to closing to assure violations are disclosed and remedied.

Real Estate Taxes and Association Assessments Prorations.  Like residential real estate, taxes on your campsite are payable in arrears.  At closing taxes will be paid for any prior years and proration of current year through closing will be given to the Buyer as a credit for the following County Tax Bill.  The Association calendar year, starts April 1st and ends March 31st.of every year.  Association assessments at time of purchase will be prorated from date of closing.  Assessments are required to be paid in full the first year, after which you can use the payment plan offered by the Association.

Closing Only.  The office ISV Realty Group Inc. performs closings in relation to sales of Woodhaven By Owner a dba of our Group.  Our proficiency in this area assists in the maintaining of records for our County and State and Disbursement.  

Buyer and Seller Closing fees average $398 each

  Additional fees. Double Lot purchases, Real Estate Transfer tax stamps, Additional Recordings, i.e... mortgage, Survey per contract, and/or Assessment corrections or any unforeseen requirement on title commitment, mailings, split closings, wire fees.

Private sale closings available at the same rate listed here.  We do ask, you put your transaction in writing with signatures.  A editable sample link you can use to fit your needs. Return via email, and show up for closing, we'll take care of the rest.